The Sunday Cricket

The recent (May 2017)  England and Wales Cricket Board’s survey on recreational cricketers which revealed that the number of players aged between 14 and 65 dropped from 908,000 in 2013 to 844,000 last summer, and five percent of matches were forfeited because at least one team was unable to pull together 11 players.

In reality nobody knows how many people play cricket. There are lots of leagues below the radar not associated with organised cricket.

If you do a quick A Google search, it will reveal plenty of stories from local papers of cricket clubs, some with long histories that are folding as the sport faces challenges from modern life to keep players interested.

The problem facing the ECB is that every league, every village and every club has its own unique issues. “In some ways the figures show the changes we knew were already happening and we now have to plan for change to happen sooner rather than later,” Paul Bedford, the ECB’s head of non‑first-class cricket, said recently.

“Times have changed, we know that. In the past if it rained people stayed in the bar and turned up the next week. Now if people lose the habit of playing they are hard to get back.

We at Middlesex County Sunday Cricket League (Known as MCSC League) is looking at what we can do with clubs to encourage play when it rains, like better covering, re-arranging fixtures or reduce the number of overs to make it exciting so that we keep players interested along with many other initiatives, some already trialled.”

With us you do not have to sign an overseas player and you don’t have to pay them a salary of over £5,000 for the summer, an air fare, you do not need a car insurance for the summer which you can’t get for less than £1,500 and you don’t need to pay any of their accommodation costs. Overall it is about £10,000 you don’t need to spend!!

With us it’s easy. Our League Rules have been particularly designed to aim at communities, all ages and all races and all to take part in Cricket.

As longs as you have 11 players, you form a club / team and play. Simple as that!!

We can also help you financially as well as structuring a club.

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